Getting Things Done GTD Method and 27 Best GTD Apps & Tools

This also helps in distinguishing categories from one another and quickly accessing them whenever required. For GTD to work effectively, you need to frequently review your workflow. In-depth analysis for monitoring the progress and identifying the next to-do actions greatly help in reflecting back on your decisions and what adjustments you need to make. If there’s something you need to do that’s stuck in your mind, you have to get it out, to get it done. Clearing your mind of all the clutter and properly organizing your tasks is one way of effectively dealing with things. As David Allen says, ‘Your mind is for having ideas, not storing them’, therefore GTD comes to your rescue to pull these ideas out of your brain and convert them into actions.

If it’s not important, you may decide just to trash it and not worry about it anymore. David Allen, the developer of the GTD method, emphasizes capturing tasks and ideas in writing or storing digitally to keep the mind stress-free. Your biggest time investment will be in getting the GTD system up and running. It takes most people two days back-to-back to fully get things started—about a day to capture and another day to clarify and determine next actions. You need a system that can accommodate today’s faster pace of life and the information that comes from all directions. A modern organization system needs to incorporate minuscule daily tasks as well as big-picture goals, and it needs to be simple enough to save more time and energy than it requires.

Not Doing Weekly Reviews

Write, record, or gather any and everything that has your attention into a collection tool. See your Todoist tasks in your Google Calendar and your Google Calendar events in Todoist. For more ways to capture all your “open loops”, check out 11 Fast Ways to Get Tasks Off Your Mind and Into Your Todoist.

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Focuster is a GTD software designed to help you maintain focus, minimize distractions, achieve goals, and get better at managing time. With it, you can capture your ideas and goals, prioritize tasks, toggle off the ones that are not actionable, set deadlines, and engage with every step of the way so you know you are always winning. With ClickUp, you can turn these notes into actionable items (delegate tasks, add comments, etc.) and tick them off as you go, or as your team completes the tasks.

Tasks with a due date and/or time

Bearing this in mind, it’s instructive to learn about productivity systems other people have developed. One classic system that remains relevant today is Getting Things Done® (GTD®), described in David Allen’s book of the same name. Do you have a suggestion for free project management software that follows the GTD approach?

Wrike is a work management platform supporting agile and GTD methodologies at the same time. It literally takes minutes to implement a productive workflow of getting things done with this tool, and here’s how it goes. Hitask is a super user-friendly GTD tool for professional teams juggling between a myriad of tasks on a daily basis. It comes with a single dashboard where you can easily set up what needs to be done and who needs to get it done. Supporting the GTD method, Remember The Milk encourages you to get all of your to-do tasks out of your head and organize them using lists. But first, to get you inspired from the first minute of using it, this GTD software lets you choose between over a hundred or colorful themes (flowers, animals, cityscapes to name a few).

Your tool should be versatile enough to handle your most complex projects yet simple enough to maintain when you’re low on energy. However, if you still happen to forget about an important task, Evernote will send you a reminder (even when you’re not in the app) to make you come back and get it done asap. You can also set reminders yourself as well as due dates or add flags to the tasks you can’t afford the luxury to forget and get everything tackled at hand. This GTD app also lets you set multiple reminders per task to stress out the importance of having it tackled within the stipulated time. Hitask will notify you about missed deadlines, if there are any, so you can act quickly and re-assign work or invite more team members to join and collaborate on this specific task and get it completed asap.

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Part of that vaguery makes it easy to remix and personalize it to match your needs, but it also makes it difficult to approach. When in doubt, work on mastering the baby steps above in the order listed. Building a habit of GTD means having a trusted system which means you’ve returned a portion of this cognitive load and provides peace of mind where you know that all vital tasks been captured and are in process.

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If it’s something you need to discuss with someone on your team, you might have a context for that person or an “office” context for tasks that can only be completed when you get to the office. If you really want to get fancy, you could even have contexts based on energy levels. You could have a low-energy context with “easy wins”, of a high-energy context for when you’re really motivated to be productive. The apps also allow you to customize these review templates to suit your project needs. For example, you can create a bi-monthly review rather than a weekly review.

  • One of the great things about Nirvana that
    separates it from other apps is the fact that it comes with built-in features
    to help you gauge how much time and energy it’ll take to complete a task.
  • You’ll need to invest some productive hours in setting up the GTD method and its tools.
  • There are many different ways to organize your tasks with the GTD methodology, but we recommend using a combination of projects and labels.

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